We are currently fighting an onslaught of negativity and misinformation within the News. It is inescapable and has a powerful impact on our worldview, mindset, and behaviour. We must develop the necessary skills to stand guard at the doors of our own mind. Our personal wellbeing, and the wellbeing of the world, depends on it. 

News Literacy Network is a not-for-profit organisation that will help people to develop the skills, from an early age, to successfully navigate the news to develop an accurate worldview that enables them to become well informed and empowered citizens, capable of making a constructive difference in the world.

What is News Literacy?

News Literacy is an increasingly essential life skill. It is the process of developing the critical thinking skills and behavioural strategies needed to successfully navigate the news. It includes understanding what the role of the news is, how and why stories are produced, what impact the news has on us, how to become able to judge the trustworthiness of information and understanding the importance of constructive journalism.

Why the News Literacy Network?

Fake News is most associated with the need for news literacy. This is not the only hazard we face within the news landscape, therefore creating defences against it is an important but incomplete solution. We need to expand what it means to be news literate, beyond fake news, and in doing so, expand the possibility for solutions. This will create more scope for its application to create change more effectively.